How much is delivery?
You are more than welcome to pick up your equipment to save a little money. However, delivery is available locally for $1.50 per loaded mile.

What is a UCC fee?
When financing, Kubota must file a UCC in your state to describe what is being financed in the event of a repossession. This fee is automatically added to the contract and varies by state ($4-$140).

Why do I need insurance when financing?
Kubota requires that insurance be provided with finance contracts to cover theft, damage, upset, and collision on financed equipment. You are welcome to contact your insurer to see if you currently have a policy in place to cover the collateral. Often, homeowner's insurance policies do not provide the required level of protection. In those cases, we recommend that you buy Kubota's comprehensive property damage insurance.

How long is the warranty on my Kubota tractor?
Warranty term varies by model and use. Please review Kubota's Warranty Booklet to determine the term for your model or just e-mail us.

Why don't you just tell me the price?
Kubota requests that dealers refrain from advertising prices below list price on the internet. We do occasionally offer specials on units that we need to move. Otherwise, we do not advertise pricing on new units. Our company could not achieve the 'Authorized Kubota Web Dealer' status if we advertised pricing.